Jessica Alba's Happy Over "Normal" Role

Publicada Martes Diciembre 4, 2007 4:03 PM GMT

When you’re a superstar like Jessica Alba, airports are a part of everyday life. The “Dark Angel” babe was spotted milling around Los Angeles’ LAX airport on Sunday, looking a bit bashful.

She was with her mother, who kept holding Jess’ hand and putting her arm around her, as if to shield her from the prying lenses of the paparazzi.

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Jessica Alba Attends "Awake" NYC Premiere

Publicada Jueves Noviembre 15, 2007 3:13 AM GMT

On a cool Wednesday night in New York City, Jessica Alba and her fellow cast members showed up at Chelsea West Cinema for the premiere of their new movie, Awake.

For the evening, which was presented by The New York Observer, Jessica turned heads in a sheer black lace dress. Others in attendance at the film's premiere were co-stars Hayden Christensen and Lena Olin, along with former star of The OC, Rachel Bilson.

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Jessica Alba Hits TRL

Publicada Miércoles Noviembre 14, 2007 5:01 PM GMT

It’s been a big week on MTV’s TRL so far. First Keri Russell stopped by on Monday afternoon. And yesterday, they got a visit from hottie Jessica Alba.

The “Dark Angel” actress was in the house to promote her new movie “Awake” also starring Hayden Christensen and Lena Olin.

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Jessica Alba Comes Back In A Big Way

Publicada Martes Junio 12, 2007 5:17 PM GMT

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen much of Jessica Alba on the big screen, you’re not alone. But the Dark Angel star has been taking the past two years off in an attempt to figure out where to go next. And it seems that next is starring in six movies.

That’s right. Jessica Alba is about to become the most seen woman in Hollywood. Over the next calendar year, she has a total of six movies releasing all over the world. "I got to do a comedy, a horror movie, a few independents and 'Fantastic Four.' So it's been a really fun year," she told press.

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