Cogan's Trade

Cogan's Trade

Brad Pitt Continues On with "Cogan's Trade"

Publicada Viernes Marzo 18, 2011 3:42 PM GMT

Topping off the work week with another day on set, Brad Pitt was spotted filming scenes for “Cogan’s Trade” in New Orleans on Friday (March 18).

The “Fight Club” stud sported the same slick back hair and black leather ensemble as he has for the past few days for his role in the upcoming crime thriller flick.

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Brad Pitt's New Orleans Night Shoot

Publicada Sábado Marzo 12, 2011 11:49 PM GMT

Getting into character as he partook in an evening shoot, Brad Pitt was hard at work on the set of "Cogan's Trade" in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday night (March 12).

The 47-year-old actor attired himself in an all-black ensemble with slicked back hair as he puffed on a cigarette while churning out scenes for director Andrew Dominik.

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Brad Pitt is Jackie Cogan: First Look!

Publicada Martes Marzo 8, 2011 11:19 AM GMT

Getting to work on his new project, Brad Pitt was spotted on the set of “Cogan’s Trade” in New Orleans today (March 8).

The “Fight Club” stud looked handsome as he strolled around the set in character as Jackie Cogan for the first time.

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