FBI Investigating Jihadist Threat Against David Letterman

Publicada Jueves Agosto 18, 2011 3:23 PM GMT

As a follow up to the GossipCenter report on David Letterman's jihadist threat, it seems the FBI are taking things very seriously and looking for the person or persons responsible.

According to an unnamed law enforcement official who spoke to FOX News, the Federal Bureau of Investigation suspects a “lone wolf,” though they’re taking an extensive look into the website on which the threat appeared.

Site Monitoring Service analyst Adam Raisman added that the culprit, who called for a new “Sayyid Nosair al-Mairi to cut the tongue” out of Letterman for making a joke about a slain Al-Qaeda leader, could incite someone to violence.

"The concern is that there is someone who will read it, agree with it and say, 'I want to be the Sayyid Nosair of 2011 and kill David Letterman.’”

Photo Credit: CBS

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