Genesis Rodriguez is Red Hot for Max Magazine

Publicada Domingo Julio 8, 2012 3:15 PM GMT

She burst onto the scene with a trio of big movies released in the first half of this year, and Genesis Rodriguez was aptly chosen to cover the July 2012 issue of Max magazine.

The 24-year-old actress looked as hot as can be in a skimpy red ensemble for the Tony Kelly shot front page while dishing about everything from to her upbringing to what sexy means to her.

Highlights from Miss Rodriguez's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Max!

On her split residency as a child:
"Between Venezuela and Miami. I was doing six months here and six months. At school it was strange when I came to the States I already knew everything Caracas the schools are fantastic. I stepped back and forth up to 14 years."

On her movie 'Casa de mi Padre':
"It's a good movie, I am the girlfriend of Diego Luna but I fall in love Will Ferrell. The film is in Spanish, Will speaks very well, as a genuine mexicano, not as an American gringo."

On her name:
"Genesis as a source. As the beginning of life, the world. My father had just separated from his first wife when he met my mother Catalina. After a few months I came along, surprise: they thought I was a lucky omen for a lifetime."

On what it means to be sexy:
"I'm Latin and I think that Latin girls tend to be more sensual because they often grow apart from mom and repress religion. We say that showing t*ts and a*s in a sexual way is a way to gain our independence, makes us more emancipated. I have no problem with my body. If I go to the beach I like to wear the bare minimum. Topless, I love topless. But here in California it is illegal to show your breasts, so I only do it where I can, not in Malibu. I like to enjoy life, be healthy, go to the gym but also drink and eat."

Photo Credit: Tony Kelly for Max