Nombre: Gerard Depardieu
Nombre completo: 
Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu
Fecha de nacimiento: 
December 27, 1948
Lugar de nacimiento: 
Châteauroux, Indre, France
Dating Clémentine Igou
Celebridad en el ranking # N/A

Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" Trailer: Watch Now!

Publicada Miércoles Julio 25, 2012 4:45 PM GMT

Giving us a first peek at the adventure drama of "Live of Pi", 20th Century Fox has just unveiled the trailer for Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's bestselling novel.

The film follows the story of an Indian boy named Pi, who is a zookeeper's son that finds himself sharing a lifeboat with a zebra and a hungry Bengal tiger after facing a terrifying shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean,

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Gerard Depardieu Says “I’m Sorry”

Publicada Viernes Agosto 19, 2011 10:09 AM GMT

He made headlines by peeing on a plane in Paris, and now Gerard Depardieu is expressing his remorse for his actions.

The “Greencard” actor’s traveling companion Edouard Baer told press, "Gerard was upset at this and offered to clean up the mess. He has prostate problems and it was very worrying and humiliating for him."

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Anderson Cooper Cracks Up Over Gerard Depardieu Story

Publicada Jueves Agosto 18, 2011 11:16 AM GMT

News anchors are supposed to keep their composure when they read the day’s top headlines, but last night (August 17 ) Anderson Cooper couldn’t keep a straight face.

The “Anderson Cooper 360” star reported on Gerard Depardieu's peeing on an airplane incident during his The RidicuList segment and bursted out into laughter.

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Gerard Depardieu’s Airline Alleviation

Publicada Miércoles Agosto 17, 2011 10:22 AM GMT

We’ve all heard of celebrities exhibiting bad behavior in public, and actor Gerard Depardieu took things to a new level during his flight last night (August 17).

The 62-year-old Golden Globe winner became agitated when his plane was delayed on the tarmac in Paris, France and was told he couldn’t use the restroom until the aircraft had taken off.

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