Kanye West Talks "Bound 2" in Interview February 2014

Publicada Lunes Enero 20, 2014 10:00 AM GMT

He dealt with some tough criticism this past fall over his single "Bound 2" and its music video, and now Kanye West reveals the true meaning behind the shocking piece in the February 2014 issue of Interview magazine.

While rocking a few poses for the Steve Klein-shot spread, the 36-year-old rapper chatted about the controversial video and fathering his 7-month-old daughter, North West.

Highlights from Mr. West interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Interview!

On his thoughts about fatherhood:
"It's all brand new, how it feels to be a father. There are some things that I understand, certain things that I don't understand, certain things that I like to get off my chest in interview, certain things that I want to talk about. But when we talk about love, I don't have an answer. All I can say is that I'm happy I have it."

On "Bound 2":
I think people are afraid of dreams, and that video is one of the closest things to the way that dreams look and feel, or the way joy looks and feels, with the colors. You know, I think there are rules to fashion, with the all-black everything, and rules of art, with white galleries. There are rules to how a lot of things are: the concrete jungle, stone pavement, brick walls. There are even rules to what a Brooklyn apartment looks like. But this video completely didn't respect all of those rules whatsoever. It's a dream, and I think the controversy comes from the fact that I don't think most people are comfortable with their own dreams, so it's hard for them to be comfortable with other people's dreams."

On his profession:
"As a celebrity, I have an opportunity to make a living at being the spokesperson for the third or fourth rendition of a thought - promoting something that has already been proven. The problem is that I like to be the inventor - I'm the person who works on the concept, who invents new thoughts, who brings new ideas into the universe. I'm not the guy who works on selling the idea - I'm not Vanna White for the new Hyundai. I am the guy who works on the concept of the car. Too many people are scared. But it is my job to go up every night and talk about this kind of sh*t. It is actually my job. I'm like the broadcaster for futurism, for dreamers, for people who believe in themselves."

Photo Credit: Steve Klein for Interview

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