Corbin Bleu Talks Bullying in Glamoholic's Latest Issue

Publicada Domingo Diciembre 29, 2013 1:35 PM GMT

He might enjoy his life as a professional dancer, but now Corbin Bleu admits that not everyone supported him and his dancing talents while growing up.

During his interview with Glamoholic magazine, the “Dancing With The Stars” dancer opens up about his experience with bullies along with sharing details about his work with “I Was Bullied” campaign and his new film “The Day I Died.”

Highlights from Mr. Bleu’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Glamoholic.

On his time on "DWTS":
“It had definitely been a once in a lifetime experience. Just to have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life week after week in such a grand setting makes it all worth it. Plus I get to learn so many new forms of dance, which is one of the main reasons I joined in the first place. It takes a lot out of you, but you just have to remember that it’s temporary. If you make it to the end it’s only 3 months of a wild roller coaster!”

On his “I Was Bullied” campaign:
“You see way too many stories in the news of kids being bullied and it leading to tragic decisions. And these days with so many social media outlets cyber bullying is rampant. I just really wanted to be a part of a project that brought attention to bullying and opened doors showing those who have been bullied that they are not alone. I myself was bullied in school and the amount of kids that have gone through it is unacceptable.”

On his movie “The Day I Died” and its message:
“It’s going to be a very real and raw depiction of a story we see in the news way too many times. We want it to show the consequences of bullying and both sides of the crossroads taken by the bullied. We really want it to be an inspiration to stand strong, because their lives are way more important than what their bully may make it seem.”

On his family’s help:
“I was very lucky to have my parents to turn to for support. They set the foundation for me to always feel comfortable going to them with anything and always steered me in the right direction. SO many kids don’t have that luxury. Even if they have parents who would guide them many of them don’t let anyone know they’re being bullied. That’s why it’s so important to blow the top off the world of bullying! We all need to rally together and let each other know we’re not alone! And we need to stand up for each other and let the bullies know they won’t be tolerated.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Goldberg for Glamoholic

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