Mark Wahlberg on His "Train Wreck" Career as Marky Mark

Publicada Miércoles Enero 8, 2014 8:42 PM GMT

Making a fun appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, Mark Wahlberg went on stage to tell all about his less-than glamorous rap career as Marky Mark.

On Tuesday's (January 7) episode beside the iconic talk show host, the 42-year-old stated, "They give Justin Bieber a hard time...I was an absolute train wreck. Wow."

Highlighting his first appearance on "The Tonight Show" decades ago, the "Lone Survivor" star said of his appearance rapping with the Funky Bunch, "I started wearing the longer shorts because...the regular brief underwear...get sweaty and tend to get stretched out. You don't want nothin' fallin' out the side."

After the clip ended, Leno laughed, simply saying, "Is that a big problem?" Fallin' out the side?"

An embarrassed Wahlberg stated, "Not anymore."

Photo Credit: NBC

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