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Publicada Jueves Enero 9, 2014 2:33 PM GMT

With award season officially underway, Morena Baccarin, Lena Headey, Anna Gunn and Jessica Pare garnered themselves a little added exposure by covering the latest issue of Net-a-Porter's The Edit.

During their interview with the publication, the ladies opened up about everything from relating to their on-screen roles and rising to fame.

Highlights from Miss Baccarin, Miss Headey, Miss Pare and Miss Gunn's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to The Edit!

Morena Baccarin from "Homeland"
On her career:
"I had these hoity-toity ideas about TV. I wanted to work in theater. But when I graduated, it was audition for pilots, and when I finally started working on a TV show, I had the greatest time. Everyone was so talented."

On her "Homeland" character:
"Jessica is always under duress. At first I was worried I would be crying all the time while I was pregnant. But in fact, it made it somewhat easier because it was crystal clear what was me and what was my character."

On her body after pregnancy:
"I'm trying to honor the path and just let my body always adapt to not being pregnant. I've always loved dressing up. The Italians - Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace - are just right for my body shape."

Lena Headey from "Game of Thrones"
On her three-year-old son:
"My son is completely mad. He will run the length of our house and hurl himself at me from six feet away, like an assailant. I wrestle with him all day. It's brutal on my neck."

On her character Cersei in "Game of Thrones":
"You know that side of you that's a hedonist? I can no long do those things, so Cersei's a good channel for me. It's fun to play a morally questionable person. Cersei has no empathy for anybody."

On her career as she ages:
"As an older actress, it's not easy. Luckily, on TV there are so many great characters for women."

On her public appearances:
"I'm terrible at it. I just leg it down the red carpet."

Anna Gunn from "Breaking Bad"
On her fame and stardom:
"It took me a while to get used to the red carpet."

On saying goodbye to "Breaking Bad":
"It was eviscerating at times. We knew the show wasn't going to end happily and, towards the end, we were all affected by the story lines the characters were going through and saying goodbye to the show. Those feelings were really intertwined."

Jessica Pare from "Mad Men"
On her modeling experience:
"My mom took me to a model agent in Montreal when I was 16, and she said to come back after I lost 20 pounds. We walked out and I said, 'Maybe I should diet?' My mom said, 'Maybe we should go for cheeseburgers?'"

On her time on "Mad Men":
"One of the writers said, 'We're having a good time putting Megan through the wringer. But I love every single second I spend on set. Jon Hamm [who plays Don Draper] is the ultimate. He's gorgeous, super-talented and so solid."

Photo Credit: Bjorn Iooss for The Edit

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