Orlando Bloom’s “Romeo & Juliet” Broadway Gig Gets Movie Theater Release

Publicada Martes Enero 14, 2014 5:13 PM GMT

He was quite the charming Romeo on Broadway last year, and now Orlando Bloom will be hitting the silver screen next month as “Romeo & Juliet” announces a new theatrical partnership.

According to a report, Screenvision and BroadwayHD will premiere the performance for one week only, running from February 13th through February 19th.

Filmed at the November 27th show at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, “Romeo & Juliet” will show in 2,000 movie theaters, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Screenvision honcho Darryl Schaffer explained, "It's so great to capture it because who knows when it will be on Broadway again. It's just such a great production. We're excited to bring it to movie theaters."

Additionally, Stewart F. Lane of BroadwayHD noted, "New York's got the greatest pool of talent in the world and not everybody gets to see that. I am a theater person at heart and this I'm hoping will help bring theater into the 21st century. It gives it a certain intimacy and urgency. What we've done here is create a whole new art form."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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