Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff Celebrate “Looking” Premiere

Publicada Jueves Enero 16, 2014 1:38 PM GMT

Showing support for her good friend Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele showed up at the premiere of the HBO series “Looking” in Hollywood last night (January 15).

The “Glee” gal was all smiles as she hugged her former costar (who rocked a John Varvatos suit) while hobnobbing with industry bigwigs at Paramount Studios.

Billed as the “gay Sex and the City,” “Looking” is about the lives of several male friends living in San Francisco as they navigate the rough romantic waters.

Regarding his status as a gay actor who sometimes plays straight characters, Jonathan told press, “The more and more people come out the more it becomes a non-issue. As far as pigeonholing is concerned, I feel as an actor it’s a very universal problem. It’s not just a gay problem. Really any actor that gets known for specific projects gets known for that one thing. I experienced a little bit in the world of musical theater, trying to prove to people that I could also do straight plays or film and television. In some ways it forces us to demand more of ourselves and prove ourselves as artists. I’m open to accepting that challenge.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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