Kelly Osbourne Blasts Katie Hopkins For Slamming Mom Sharon Osbourne

Publicada Jueves Enero 16, 2014 3:38 PM GMT

Back in December, Katie Hopkins had some less-than-loving words about Sharon Osbourne and her penchant for cosmetic surgery.

In her column for Best magazine, she wrote, "Sharon reckons her time on the [X Factor] panel may be up. Either way, if she is going to look this good next year she will need to bulk buy plastic.”

Katie’s words finally made their way to Kelly Osbourne's ears, and what followed was a nasty Twitter rant including the dreaded ‘c-word!’

Osbourne tweeted, "@KTHopkins U R a hypocritical vile human that his addicted 2 attention U R so insignificant! Don't you ever talk about my mother again!#India."

In response, Katie declared, "Just like Peaches and Jesus, Kelly has done well due to a famous parent. @KellyOsbourne."

From there, things got much worse- Kelly penned, "I know that what I am about to say is unbecoming of a lady & I'm sorry to say this but I can't lie you are a massive #C***."

Still keeping her cool, Hopkins wrote back, "No problem Kel. No one ever mistook you for a lady sweetie pie. @kellyOsbourne."

And Osbourne added, "You can shove your sweetie pie up your ass you insignificant tw*t! Karma will get you! bloody hell you are such a sad ass! Actually made my night that @KTHopkins considerers herself a lady when I think of her a desperate sad old bitter child is what comes to mind."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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