Khalil Sharieff Seen Outside Justin Bieber's Rented Miami Mansion

Publicada Sábado Enero 25, 2014 12:55 AM GMT

Clawing through a sea of screaming fans, Khalil Sharieff made his way to Justin Bieber's Miami mansion on Friday (January 24).

Ignoring the crowds and keeping his head down, the 19-year-old walked by, wearing white sweats, a pair of shades and a black and yellow Lakers cap.

In related news, the nation has spent the past two days getting to know the singer known as Khalil a bit better, after his DUI incident involving his friend, Justin, and a few facts about him have hit the web.

One interesting tidbit is that Khalil signed with Def Jam, part of Justin Bieber's signature sponsor, Island Def Jam, for a record label back in 2008, but reports state that he is no longer part of the franchise.

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