Justin Bieber: “Still the Small Town Kid”

Publicada Viernes Enero 31, 2014 4:38 PM GMT

He rents Lamborghinis, drops $75,000 at strip clubs and jets around the world on his own private plane, but Justin Bieber insists he’s not the big shot everybody is making him out to be.

On Thursday (January 30), the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer took to his Twitter account to remind his fans that despite his DUI arrest in Miami, he’s down home through-and-through.

Justin tweeted, "Never forget where you come from or those who supported you before anyone else. Still the small town kid. Thanks."

Additionally, Bieber linked to a London Free Press article that quoted several folks from his Stratford, Canada home town.

Mayor Dan Mathieson declared, "As far as I'm concerned, he is a 19-year-old person who has made some errors. I don't condone them, but I also understand that we all have made errors in our life."

"He was an everyday, average young man then and, in my heart of hearts, he's still that everyday young man. We can put him under a microscope and judge, but that's something I'm not prepared to do,” added high school principal Martin Ritsma.

Furthermore, Bieber gave his father Jeremy via Instagram. "I have the greatest Dad in the world. He's taught me how to love, learn, and stay true to myself. I will forever be grateful because he was my superhero."

Photo Credit: INFPhoto.com

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