James Franco to Star in Super Bowl Ad: Watch Here!

Publicada Sábado Febrero 1, 2014 6:30 PM GMT

Happy to add another line to his lengthy entertainment resumé, James Franco will star in a commercial for Ford during the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 2).

Set to air between the coin toss and kickoff, the Ford Fusion Hybrid commercial features both the "127 Hours" star and Rob Riggle.

Speaking about the ad, the 35-year-old actor shares, "Super Bowl commercials are such a big thing now, they're almost mini-movies. So it sounded like it could be fun, and it was."

Giving a hint as to its content, he continues, "One of the concepts involved me kind of doubling certain things that Rob Riggle does in the first part of the piece. He [had] certain scenes like sitting on the couch with a Chihuahua and then my section I'm on the couch, but in a huge villa-style mansion. And instead of sitting with a Chihuahua, I'm sitting with a tiger."

However, this isn't his first time appearing during the big game, as James explains, "It's funny, I started my professional career as an actor on a Super Bowl commercial. It was the first job that ever paid me as an actor, and now here I am in a full circle." Check out a teaser below.

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