Details Begin to Emerge on Philip Seymour Hoffman's Addiction and the Heroin that May have Killed Him

Publicada Martes Febrero 4, 2014 7:12 PM GMT

As colleagues and fans come to grips with the sudden passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, details are emerging about the heroin addiction that likely killed him.

Just two weeks before his death, the "Catching Fire" star was reportedly very forthcoming about his struggles with drug abuse.

According to magazine publisher John Arundel, the 46-year-old actor told him, "I'm a heroin addict. I just got out of rehab."

Inside the Academy Award winner's apartment at the time of his death were several bags of heroin, including bags bearing the label "Ace of Hearts."

A source told TMZ that the brand is particularly lethal, having herself injected a small amount and needing CPR to start breathing again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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