Roger Ebert Wanted Philip Seymour Hoffman to Play Him in a Biopic

Publicada Martes Febrero 4, 2014 7:48 PM GMT

Sometimes you never know how much you mean to people until you're gone and perhaps this is the case for Philip Seymour Hoffman, as he just received some very high praise from a famous fan.

According to his widow, Roger Ebert wanted the Academy Award winner to portray him on the big screen.

At the screening of "Life Itself," a documentary about the critic's life, Chaz Ebert shared, "Roger always said, 'If you ever do a movie where you need someone to play me, I want Philip Seymour Hoffman to play me.'"

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter afterwards, Chaz gushed, "Roger and I thought he was just terrific. We thought he was one of the best actors of any age. He was just so versatile, and he was a brilliant, very smart human being."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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