Mila Kunis Gets Natural for Gemfields Campaign

Publicada Miércoles Febrero 5, 2014 2:35 PM GMT

While it’s common practice to spend hours on hair and makeup for a photo shoot, Mila Kunis wanted to be as natural as possible for her new Gemfields campaign.

The “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” actress is featured in the new Peter Lindbergh-shot spread for “Emerald” and her bare beauty is undeniable.

Kunis explained to WWD, “It’s beautiful to go bare. I don’t think enough people do it, and it’s so rare to see a campaign with no makeup that’s kind of effortless. It oddly reflects an emerald. You see all the imperfections in my face the same way that an emerald has imperfections in each and every gemstone.”

As for her trip to Nambia to see Gemfields’ ethically-run mine, Mila noted, “Oddly enough, it’s not that long [of a trip]. You think it’s long, but you’re like, ‘Wait, I’m just getting started.’ You just begin to realize where you are and stop waking up and being like, ‘There’s a monkey outside my door.’ Things like that become the norm, and when they become the norm, that’s when you actually get to experience it.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Kunis also sang the praises of the emerald as a magnificent gemstone. “I love the fact that they’re so unique and so different, and not one is like another. If you look into it, each stone does have a very specific imprint. You can tell not only the country the stone came from, but you can match it to which mine it came from. There are not many jewels in this world that have that power.”

Photo Credit: Gemfield

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