David O. Russell Talks Christian Bale in The Hollywood Reporter

Publicada Jueves Febrero 6, 2014 4:05 PM GMT

With his latest film "American Hustle" continuing to gain Oscar-buzz, David O. Russell fronts the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The 55-year-old director/screenwriter shared details about asking Christian Bale to play the main role in his film and chatted about his dark comedy "Silver Linings Playbook."

Highlights from Mr. Russell are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to The Hollywood Reporter !

On Christian:
"He's like, 'Why are we talking about this? Why is this worth my time? I'm not planning to work this year. So I started to tell him about it. And pretty soon, he's saying, 'Oh, so he's not a handsome guy, but he's a family guy? He's not Mr. Cold Gangster, [but he's] trapped with a woman who he can't seem to get around?'"

On the characters in "American Hustle":
"They all have to be woven together in a way that is frightening, surprising, heartbreaking, enchanting -- all those emotions that I love."

On "Silver Linings Playbook":
"'Silver Linings Playbook' was an enormous emotional thing for me because it was like taking all the anguish of the experience with our son that had been an ingrown struggle and bringing it into the light of day."


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