Matthew McConaughey Talks Thongs on “Graham Norton Show”

Publicada Viernes Febrero 7, 2014 3:53 PM GMT

His range as an actor is nothing short of impressive, but even Matthew McConaughey can be thrown off by a role from time to time.

During his interview on “The Graham Norton Show,” the “Dallas Buyers Club” star discussed his ‘posing pouch’ while getting into character on the set of “Magic Mike.”

Matthew explained, “You put one of those [thongs] on, and you find that your body gets kind of inverted. I had to loosen up, because this is a guy who really lives in this thing, and I had to get really loose and [down] with it.”

“I remember going — and I wasn’t the only one who did this — I had to walk out amongst the crew and have small-time, normal conversations. ‘Hey, what’d you have for lunch? Did you see the game this weekend?’ Go out and try to have some small talk in this thong without flinching. It was hard… I wasn’t, but it was. Thank you for that.”

Photo Credit: BBC

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