Miley, Blake & Will Offer Advice for Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” Takeover: Watch Here!

Publicada Lunes Febrero 10, 2014 2:48 PM GMT

Next week he’ll pick up the “Tonight Show” reigns from Jay Leno, and Jimmy Fallon has plenty of great tips from his famous friends.

Miley Cyrus shared, “I don’t tell this to everybody, but just between us- you get a lot more ratings if you wear less clothes. Less clothes equals more ratings. It’s really simple, actually.”

Producer Judd Apatow also noted, “My only advice to you Jimmy is don’t change anything.”

Tom Selleck weighed in- “Let’s see- Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno… Good luck with that!”

Meanwhile, Will Forte had some wise words- “Jimmy, always remember to wear your pants. You gotta wear pants when you’re running a talk show. I know you’re sitting behind a desk for a lot of it, but if you stand up it’s good to have pants on.”

Of course, Sarah Silverman couldn’t resist being gross- “Do I have any advice for Jimmy? Um, wipe front to back. You do not want to learn that the hard way, like I, like a friend of mine did.”

And finally, Blake Shelton delivered a friendly jab- “I don’t have any advice for Jimmy. I don’t know what the f*ck he does!”

Photo Credit: NBC

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