Lupita Nyong'o in New York Magazine: I Thrive on Structure

Publicada Lunes Febrero 10, 2014 3:08 PM GMT

She continues to make quite a name for herself in Hollywood, and now Lupita Nyong'o opens up about her new lifestyle in New York Magazine's latest issue.

The "12 Years A Slave" beauty donned designer garbs from Balenciaga and Giorgio Armani for the Erik Madigan Heck-shot spread while opening up about everything from her childhood role in "Oliver Twist" to her culture shock when she moved to the U.S.

Highlights from Miss Nyong'o's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit New York Magazine!

On her first acting role:
"I was a passerby. I had five words: ‘Coming down the street, there.’ That was it. But I had a back story for my character. I decided I was going to be a man, so I borrowed my brother’s suit, my dad’s briefcase. I don’t know why I decided to be a man—I think it was more interesting."

On her life in America:
"I thrive on structure. I find my freedom in structure. It was very hard to adjust to an individualistic and very liberal system. I mean, my upbringing, I would iron my clothes every night. I would plan what i wore the night before, and then I would iron it. That's just the way my mom raised use. Then I got to Hampshire [College], where clothing is sometimes optional and all this kind of thing. I was mortified."

On her award season experience:
"I've been in a bubble. I haven't been out much. I haven't gotten used to being recognized. I was blissfully ignorant of the magnitude of the project I was in or what it was going to mean for the world."

Photo Credit: Erik Madigan Heck for New York Magazine

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