Alison Brie Talks “Demon Fetus” on “Chelsea Lately”

Publicada Jueves Febrero 13, 2014 1:18 PM GMT

Taking a break from her usual routine, Allison Brie showed up at “Chelsea Lately” to plug her new project “The LEGO Movie” last night (February 12).

The “Community” cutie started off discussing the new hit flick, but ended up talking about an embarrassing past role in which she’s possessed by a demon fetus that ends up dismembering her on-screen lover.

Host Chelsea Handler noted, "This is a very wholesome movie for you to be in, because I know your history. Your personal history. I do, and she's pretty dirty birdie."

Brie shot back, "See, you know that about me. And people in my personal life and history know that about me, but I never play risqué roles."

Apparently Alison starred in a low-budget movie called “Born” in the past, and she described it as "totally B, hilarious, like so bad it's good horror movie."

She continued, "And while I'm having sex, with this really hot Swedish guy I get possessed. While I'm super pregnant cause the demon fetus possesses me and you know I need, penis. And so I'm having sex with him, and while we're having sex I get possessed and my demon fetus inside me bites his penis off. And he dies."

Photo Credit: E!

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