Beyonce Remixes "Drunk in Love" with Kanye West - Watch Here!

Publicada Domingo Febrero 16, 2014 9:00 AM GMT

Bringing new sound to one of her most successful tracks, Beyonce created a remix of "Drunk in Love" with Kanye West.

In a teaser for the new rendition of her song, Beyonce struts her stuff around a horse ranch, wearing less-than full coverage cowgirl gear, throwing around a lasso, and bouncing around to Yeezy's voice.

The complete song features the voices of both pop artists for a lengthy 6 minutes and 43 seconds, and also includes Jay Z's original rap toward the end. Jay's explicit words featuring his lady's "breastises in my breakfast," pale in comparison to Kanye's lyrics.

Singing about sex positions and other explicit details, Kanye sings, "You will never need another lover. Cuz you a MILF and I'm a mother f***er." Watch the video below, but beware: the content is explicit!

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