Norman Reedus Hints "Walking Dead" Love Interests in NYLON Guys March 2014

Publicada Viernes Febrero 21, 2014 9:43 PM GMT

With his horror-drama series "The Walking Dead" continuing to be a small screen hit, Norman Reedus fronted the March 2014 issue of NYLON Guys magazine.

During his interview with the publication, the 45-year-old actor chatted about his character Daryl Dixon and revealed details about his tennis playing days.

Highlights from Mr. Reedus' interview are below. For more, be sure to visit NYLON Guys!

On Daryl's love interest plans:
"Sometimes they suggest this or that, but if Daryl's going to get busy with another character it has to be just right. The producers are smart, man. Smart enough to know that Daryl can't have the kind of love interest that you might think. I feel pretty strongly about it."

On Daryl's rise to fame:
"That may be the most bizarre part of all of this. I don't think any actor ever envisions being an action figure. It's one of those Hollywood bonuses no one tells you about."

On his acting:
"I was born to play the bad guy, I guess. I have a suspicious look to me. Plus, I think a lot about the reasons people fight. Their back is against the wall; They're bullied; They're angry."

On his tennis days:
"I studied with a coach who approached me at a tournament and offered to train me because he thought I had potential. He came to my house, spoke with my mom, and that was that. I was off. I was good, man. I played the junior tour circuit, against guys who had all the fancy equipment and the shoes and everything. I was in, like basketball shoes and had a toy racket. I was surprised I made it as far as I did."

Photo Credit: Marvin Scott Jarrett for NYLON Guys

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