Jamie Lee Curtis Calls 911 Over Friend's Alleged Overdose

Publicada Viernes Febrero 28, 2014 3:18 AM GMT

Having a little too much fun on Tuesday night (February 25), Jamie Lee Curtis was forced to make a frantic 911 call after her friend suffered what seemed to be a violent overdose.

The "True Lies" starlet made the call as soon as her friend had the overdose, and police told TMZ that paramedics responded around 9PM in Venice, CA.

Sources stated that the 55-year-old's friend had suffered a violent reaction, the result of mixing alcohol with some kind of prescription drugs.

Curtis reportedly tried to drive her sick friend to the hospital, explaining why she was in the back seat, but then called 911 when the situation seemed to worsen.

After authorities took Curtis's friend to the hospital, she received treatment, and was reportedly released several hours later.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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