Jimmy Fallon and Lindasy Lohan: Water War!

Publicada Sábado Marzo 8, 2014 1:40 AM GMT

Having the time of his life with his brand new job, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon got the opportunity to sit down with returning superstar Lindsay Lohan, but it may not be what you'd expect.

Entering into the beloved Water War section of "The Tonight Show," the 39-year-old talk show host and red-haired beauty battled it out with a vengeance!

As per the segment's rules, both Lindsay and Jimmy turned over sets of cards, and whoever won the hand received the pleasure of throwing a glass of water into the face of their opponent.

Eventually dousing one another with entire glasses of water, and laughing hard in between gasps for air, 27-year-old Linday emerged victorious, before pummeling Jimmy with a super soaker, containing gallons of water. Watch the video below!

Photo Credit: LindsayLohan.com

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