Shakira Reveals Her Fitness Secrets in Women's Health April 2014

Publicada Viernes Marzo 7, 2014 5:58 PM GMT

She gave birth to her adorable son Milan a little over a year ago, and now Shakira reveals how she got her body back into shape in the April 2014 issue of Women's Health magazine.

While showing off her flawless tummy for the Jeff Lipsky-shot spread, the 37-year-old singer dished about everything from her favorite workouts to her time on "The Voice."

Highlights from Shakira's Q&A session are as follows. For more, be sure to visit Women's Health!

On her workout regime:
"I try to eat healthy and I try to exercise. Not only going to the gym, because sometimes I do get tired of working out, the gym, the treadmill, the stuff that all women dread. I recently decided to just do sports, because they're so much fun and they accomplish the same purpose, which is ultimately to keep you fit. So I planned a whole day routine or roller skating, playing basketball, and playing tennis and swimming. So every day I would do something different and that seemed to put me back in shape. I didn't have a maternity leave. After I delivered my baby, I had to come to Los Angeles to do 'The Voice.'"

On her love for dance:
"I think that I've been dancing since the moment I was born. That's an exaggeration, of course, but I think it's such a cultural thing too. In Colombia, people dance. It's what you do."

On her coaching on "The Voice":
"I had a great time working on 'The Voice.' It was fun-quintessentially fun- and that's why I'm coming back. Hanging out with the guys, you know, they're tough cookies. I got to say, but it's a blast."

On her single "Hips Don't Lie":
"The reason why I named that song like that is because, when I'm in the studio, I know when a song is ready and it can be taken out of the oven, and it's exactly when my hips start moving. So I used to say to my musicians, 'My hips don't lie! Are they moving? They're not moving! So this is not ready.' And that's how I came up with it, the idea for the song."

Photo Credit: Jeff Lipsky for Women's Health

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