Demi Lovato Calls out Lady Gaga for Promoting Eating Disorders

Publicada Viernes Marzo 14, 2014 8:28 PM GMT

Calling out the infamous Lady Gaga for her vomit-inducing scene at her SXSW concert, Demi Lovato hopped on Twitter to voice her aggravation.

Telling fans that Mother Monster glamorizes bulimia, the "Made in the USA" singer wrote, "Sad…As if we didn't have enough people glamorizing eating disorders already. Bottom line, it's not 'cool' or 'artsy' at all."

Continuing, the 21-year-old stated, "Would you let someone bring a needle and shoot up on you? Addiction is addiction."

After receiving flack from Gaga's Little Monsters, Demi also addressed her critics, writing, "It's not 'shade' and it's not 'hate,' but if someone has to come forward and say it…I'll take the heat for it. Putting the word ART in it isn't a free card to do whatever you want without consequences."

Demi then addressed the "Applause" singer directly, writing to her, "You're SO talented, if not one of the most talented in our industry PERIOD. Dope is INCREDIBLE.. but you don't have to do that."

Finally, in her keynote speech at SXSW, Gaga herself stated that she may have taken things too far, saying, "It was just exciting to see people talk about performance art on the internet. We really just did it because we believe in the performance and we believe in what it meant to the song."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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