Millie Brown: Vomiting on Lady Gaga Challenged Beauty Conventions

Publicada Sábado Marzo 15, 2014 5:15 PM GMT

Firing right back against pop star Demi Lovato's accusations, Millie Brown, also known as the lady who vomited on Lady Gaga at SXSW this week, says that her performance was not meant to glamorize anything.

Intending not to offend anyone struggling with eating disorders with their racy show, Millie said that she and Gaga were simply attempting to challenge current beauty conventions.

Telling TMZ her side of the story, Mille said, "There's a clear difference between using my body to create something beautiful, to express myself and feel powerful, rather than using it to punish myself and conform to society's standards."

As GossipCenter previously covered, Demi called out Lady Gaga directly for promoting eating disorders during her SXSW performance. Let us know what you think on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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