Shailene Woodley Talks Confidence & Singlehood in Marie Claire April 2014

Publicada Lunes Marzo 17, 2014 10:20 AM GMT

With her highly anticipated film "Divergent" slated to hit theaters this Friday (March 21st), Shailene Woodley pitched in on promotional efforts by covering the April 2014 issue of Marie Claire magazine.

While rocking a few poses for the Jan Welters-shot spread, the 22-year-old actress opened up about her singlehood and shared her thoughts about her favorite actor George Clooney.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Woodley's interview below. For more, be sure to visit Marie Claire!

On her relationship status:
"I just haven't met anyone where I was like, 'Wow I could definitely see myself spending a season of my life with you.' I don't even know if humans are genetically made to be with one person forever."

On George:
"He’s still one of my favorite human beings. The things he talks about in the press, like going to Africa, are about one-thirtieth of the things he does. My mom and George are probably the only two people I’ve ever met who are truly genuine givers."

On her teenage years:
"For the first time, I feel like I’m entering my womanhood. I’ve decided to take a few months off, just to see who I am as that woman in the world, because I’ve never been able to experience it outside of this industry."

On her rise to fame:
"I don’t pay any attention to the fan thing, because I think it’s a very strange culture nowadays. People have always been fans of people, but I can’t relate to any of these girls or boys who scream. It’s idolizing someone you don’t know. None of these people know me…"

On her views about social media:
"The whole social media thing is just a little too weird for me…We’re all such narcissists, and that’s what social media caters to. Our society conditions us to be our own planets, which is great. Independent thinking is so important. But we expect everyone around us to be our moons."

On her self-confidence:
"My whole life I’ve been so self-conscious about being skinny. And just recently I don’t care anymore. All insecurities are projected because of what you think others are saying about you, but they don’t really matter at all. My only real insecurities in high school were having such long legs and thick hair – things I’m so very grateful for now."

Photo Credit: Jan Walters for Marie Claire

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