Kristen Bell Gets Into a War of Words With Fox News Crowd

Publicada Viernes Marzo 21, 2014 3:15 PM GMT

She has no problem saying what’s on her mind, but Kristen Bell caught the attention of a new audience with her recent politically-driven comments.

While calling for the rich to be taxed at a higher rate last week, the “Frozen” star tweeted, “Rich people SHOULD pay higher taxes because they can afford it.”

Although she had a right to state her opinion, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto had a few choice words regarding Miss Bell’s statement. “Should the star of ‘Veronica Mars’ just go live in Mars?” asked network anchor during the opening segment of “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Wednesday (March 19).

His guest, CEO of Deke Digial Dave Maney also suggested that Bell, who is a millionaire, could donate extra money to the government if she can "afford it."

Maney also noted that her comments were just for publicity, “Kristen is a pretty savvy social media promoter of herself and her film is not doing too well at the box and I think it was a good way to get her name in the news.”

Standing up for herself, the 33-year-old actress wrote later that night on Twitter, “Sorry RNC -rich people SHOULD pay higher taxes because they can afford it. End. Of. Story. xo a rich person …”

While he doesn’t agree with her political remarks, Cavuto concluded “But she was great in ‘Frozen.’”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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