Bella Thorne Shows Some Leg on Set for Untitled Movie Project

Publicada Sábado Marzo 22, 2014 6:00 PM GMT

Joining a small group of teen actors in Los Angeles, Bella Thorne made a leggy appearance on set for an untitled movie project on Saturday (March 22).

Accompanied by young performers Roshan Fegan and Ryan Ochoa, the "Shake It Up!" starlet sported a cute purple sweater with black short shorts, showing off her lovely long legs and sporting a pair of sky-high heels.

In related news, the 16-year-old sweetheart hopped on Twitter today to make a special announcement, writing, "TODAY is World Water Day! Join me, @ThirstProject, & @GOSKYO in our #dirtylittlesecret campaign. Go SILENT!"

The Thirst Project's mission statement reads, "This March, and on World Water Day, The Thirst Project and Bella Thorne are telling the world's biggest Dirty Little Secret! Carry around your bottle of dirty water, EVERYWHERE you go, ALL month long! That's right, EVERYWHERE! Bring it to your desk at school, the dinner table, the gym. EVERYWHERE..."

Continuing, the site states, "...When people ask you what you're doing, share the Dirty Little Secret about the global water crisis - That 780-Million people on the planet DON'T have access to safe, clean drinking water, like we do! Then, on Saturday March 22nd, World Water Day, we're all going TOTALLY silent to stand in solidarity with the 780-Million people whose voices go unheard every day."

The description concludes, stating, "Water is a Human Right. Join the Fight."

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