Sarah Jessica Parker Slams "Vulgar" Twitter User

Publicada Jueves Abril 3, 2014 11:08 PM GMT

Responding to an alleged nasty Tweet from an anonymous user, Sarah Jessica Parker hopped on her own account to fire back today (April 3).

Letting her anger flow in less than 140 characters, the "Sex and the City" starlet went after Sarah J. Symonds, who labelled herself as an "infidelity analyst" and "founder of Mistresses Anonymous and Wife School," after she tweeted a post that made the actress angry.

However, since Symonds deleted her tweet immediately after she posted it, all the remains are Parker's one-sided rants, which read: "Your anonymity doesn't diminish your outrageous and vulgar tweet. And your deletion only reveals your cowardice. @SarahJSymonds."

"I'm certain there isn't a woman on this planet who would support your specific kind of cruelty. No apology, no explanation. @SarahJSymonds."

"You should be ashamed @SarahJSymonds. I hope more people join me in voicing their objection to and holding accountable..."

"...uninformed and unkind women like yourself who find pleasure and delight in attacking other women."

As followers asked the 49-year-old what the issue was about, she responded, writing, "Suffice to say, it was disgusting," later adding, "Before I go to sleep I want to thank everyone for coming to my defense today. I didnt relish the opportunity to publicly reprimand. But the words tossed so casually about my children and their provenance I could not abide. Nor are they true. The golden rule. Please. Xxsj."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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