Cameron Diaz Discusses Female Grooming on "The Graham Norton Show"

Publicada Domingo Abril 6, 2014 8:00 AM GMT

Getting more than a little personal, thanks to both her book and new movie, Cameron Diaz went into deep discussion about pubic hair on "The Graham Norton Show."

Feeling the need to clarify her thoughts on female grooming, "The Body Book" author bent over at the waist to ask her pubic hair, "Why are you there?" in front of fellow Hollywood icons, Kylie Minogue and Russell Crowe.

Getting more serious, the 41-year-old beauty said to her audience, "I believe we should be informed as to how our bodies work, we should have the information."

Cameron also warned women about making grooming decisions that last forever, saying, "I believe that, if you're doing something forever...forever, it don't come back! And you might change your mind...I feel like you should consider what forever means."

Check out the complete interview below. Warning: the following material is explicit and not safe for work and/or children.

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