Archie Andrews to Get the Kibosh in “Life With Archie” Comic

Publicada Martes Abril 8, 2014 11:53 AM GMT

He’s one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time, and sadly Archie Andrews will be killed off in the #36 issue of “Life with Archie.”

According to CNN, the countdown is on, as the forthcoming edition hits stores on July 16th and within the pages Archie sacrifices himself for a friend.

Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater explained, “I think it's the natural conclusion to the ‘Life With Archie’ series. Archie dies as he lived -- heroically. He dies saving the life of a friend, and does it in his usual selfless way. Archie has always been a representation of us -- the best of us. Our strengths and our faults.”

“Writer Paul Kupperberg, with input from myself, has crafted an emotional, impactful and classic story that I know will survive the test of time. This isn't a random one-off or ‘what-if’ story that we're doing as a gag. This is the story that we mapped out carefully and with much thought. This is the death of Archie as we see it, and we're treating it with that same level of gravitas and import. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are being very considerate about it.”

As for his hopes for the story, Jon noted, “First and foremost, like with anything we do at Archie, we want to tell a great, memorable story. That being said, this story in particular is of the utmost importance to us as a company and as a keeper of the Archie brand.”

“We want to not only show how Archie's life ends, but also what he means to the world around him. We want to celebrate his life. After the events of ‘Life With Archie’ #36, fans will leap forward a year to see the aftermath, and how his friends have moved on since his surprising death.”

“What's Jughead doing? How are Betty and Veronica dealing with the loss? It's not about the attention-grab of the death but about telling a great, evocative story that reminds people why this character is important to the fabric of pop culture -- and showing how heroic a normal guy like Archie can be, and how important it is to realize that.”


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