Jennifer Aniston Her Secret to Beautiful Hair: Watch Now!

Publicada Miércoles Mayo 14, 2014 5:53 PM GMT

She has what many consider to be the best hair in the business, but Jennifer Aniston likes to take the simple approach in managing her mane.

The "Friends" alum, who created a hairstyle craze with "The Rachel," told ABC News she only washes her hair every other day, or sometimes every three days.

Jen credits Living Proof hair products in helping to maintain her enviable locks, explaining, "I don’t get a lot of product build-up with Living Proof and my hair doesn’t get dirty straight away. I wash my hair with No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. And with PHD Styling Treatment I can air-dry and style my hair in 10 minutes, when it used to take 25 minutes."

As for her famous 'do, Aniston says even she had trouble keeping up the look, quipping, "The 'Rachel' was one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain. Me and the blow dryer and the hairbrush weren’t meant for each other. It really was a ‘hairdo’. When Chris would style it my hair would be great, it would look gorgeous. But then when I was left to my own devices, it wouldn’t look the same!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images