“Wish I Was Here” Full Trailer Has Arrived: Watch Here!

Publicada Lunes Mayo 19, 2014 11:05 AM GMT

He’s back with another killer film and Zach Braff just released an infectious new trailer for “Wish I Was Here.”

The partially-Kickstarter-funded flick stars Braff along with Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Josh Gad, Mandy Patinkin, Ashley Greene and former “Scrubs” costar Donald Faison.

Of working with Faison again, Zach told press, “This is my absolute favorite frame of the whole movie because it's me and Donald [Faison] reunited at last."

And of course, Braff has assembled a life-changing soundtrack to go with his latest opus, featuring a title track from Chris Martin and Cat Power. He gushed, “It’s one of the most amazing songs ever.”