Kristin Chenoweth Covers Women’s Running Magazine: “I Don’t Like Drinking Water”

Publicada Jueves Mayo 22, 2014 3:33 PM GMT

With a long list of accomplishments from television, movies and the stage, it’s increasingly important for Kristin Chenoweth to stay in top form.

The “Space Chimps” cutie covers the June 2014 issue of Women's Running magazine and in her interview she admits she hasn’t always been so health-conscious.

Kristin confesses, “I was pretty late to the party in realizing that you can’t put garbage in your body and expect it to run like a Ferrari. When I hit 40, it really became more about how I feel than how I look. When I’m 60, I want to feel 50. I want to be able to enjoy life.”

Ms. Chenoweth also notes that running is her favorite way to stay active. “It keeps my heart healthy! A lot of people find inspiration through running and I’m definitely among them . . . If I have a concert coming up, I love to put my headphones on and go over my whole program in my head. In New York, it’s especially gratifying, because I’ll run down to the pier on the west side. Even though I’m surrounded by people, it feels like a very private time.”

However, proper hydration tends to be a challenge for Kristin- “I don’t like drinking water, even though I should, so I bring Crystal Light packets with me to make water more palatable.”

Photo Credit: Women's Running