Drew Barrymore Drops by “Billy On The Street”: Watch Here!

Publicada Martes Mayo 20, 2014 5:58 PM GMT

After being married to Tom Green, Drew Barrymore can put up with pretty much anything, so it’s no wonder she was willing to endure Billy Eichner in the latest edition of “Billy On The Street” while plugging her new flick “Blended.”

Eichner began, “I’m standing in front of Central Park where hundreds of mentally ill people talk to squirrels every day while Claire Danes jogs past them. And this is a big day on ‘Billy On The Street’ because we have an amazing guest here. Please welcome the one and only Drew Barrymore!”

Billy continued, "You had your daughter like three weeks ago, and yet you're standing here in New York. So basically, you're like 'Screw them, I've got an Adam Sandler movie to promote!'"

Playing along like a good sport, the “Never Been Kissed” actress laughed, "That's exactly what I said!"

Eichner affirmed the decision, noting, "She'll thank you later when all her friends are working at Burger King, and she's rolling around in your Ever After money!"

Furthermore, Billy declared, "Drew Barrymore lives for Cameron Diaz. No one loves Cameron Diaz more than Drew Barrymore loves Cameron Diaz. Every day when her phone rings she prays it's Cameron Diaz telling her how much she loves the ocean!"

Photo Credit: Funny or Die