Austin Mahone Searches For a New Manager in Hilarious Funny Or Die Sketch: Watch Here!

Publicada Miércoles Mayo 21, 2014 3:13 PM GMT

Navigating the music industry can be tricky for artists, and Austin Mahone shows us just how crazy things can get in his new video from Funny or Die.

Also starring Paul Scheer and Mel Cowan, the popular clip centers on two talent agents who seem a little overzealous about the handsome singer.

Cowan declares, “The other day, my ten-year-old nephew asked me if I was a Lovatic… I punched him in his f*cking face!”

Austin replies, “That’s horrible, you punched a ten-year-old?” “You should have heard his tone. It was sort of smug.”

Scheer chimes in, “I saw a car of Directioners the other day… I lit that sh*t on fire. I think they’re all dead. I did that for you!” Of course, Austin protests, “Don’t do that for me. You guys are taking this Mahomie thing way too far!”

Check the clip below!

Photo Credit: Funny or Die