Donald Sterling Launches Lawsuit Against NBA

Publicada Sábado Mayo 31, 2014 3:32 PM GMT

While some folks thought things were wrapping up in the bitter battle between Donald Sterling and the National Basketball Association, in all actuality we’re just getting started.

On Friday (May 30) the disgraced owner of the LA Clippers filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA for breach of contract and violating his constitutional rights.

In addition, Donald wants former team president Andy Roeser reinstated, interim CEO Richard Parsons removed, and a termination of the league’s plan to terminate his family’s team ownership.

Unfortunately for Mr. Sterling, his wife Shelly has already entered into a binding agreement to sell the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion, so his lawsuit is most likely moot.

An NBA rep told press, "The NBA will withdraw its pending charge to terminate the Sterlings' ownership of the team. Because of the binding agreement to sell the team, the NBA termination hearing that had been scheduled for June 3 in New York City has now been cancelled. Mrs. Sterling and the (Sterling Family) Trust also agreed not to sue the NBA and to indemnify the NBA against lawsuits from others, including from Donald Sterling."

"If Mrs. Sterling and the Trust specifically agree to indemnify the NBA against lawsuits from others, including Donald Sterling, then, yes, if Donald Sterling sues the NBA over the sale (as distinguished from other types of claims), it would appear that Mrs. Sterling and the Trust would be agreeing to cover the NBA with money from the trust and/or her own personal funds,” added LA attorney Perrie Weiner.

So, in essence, Donald will be suing himself if he proceeds with the lawsuit! And to think this all started because his mistress secretly recorded him making racist statements.

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