Quvenzhané Wallis on High Heels: “I’m Scared They’re Gonna Hurt My Feet!”

Publicada Miércoles Junio 4, 2014 8:05 AM GMT

She’s off to an amazing start with her acting career and Quvenzhané Wallis is also pretty adorable in the new Armani Junior campaign.

The “Annie” star told People that working with her furry costar Sandy was refreshing given that her personal pet Sammy doesn’t seem too interested in taking orders.

Wallis noted, “[Sandy] is like my baby, she’s one of my favorite dogs. She listens! When you tell Sammy to sit, he lays down. I was trying, and I’d say, ‘Sit Sammy!’ And he looked at me, and I looked at him, and he just laid down. Like: ‘I’m not in the mood right now.’”

As for the difference between filming movies and shooting ad spreads, Quvenzhané explained, “With acting you have lots and lots of lines. When you’re doing modeling you make faces, you dance, you just play around! And it doesn’t really matter what you do. With acting you have to be very precise with what you’re doing.”

Miss Wallis wore both a tiered dress and a slim-fitting suit for her Armani Junior campaign- “With a dress, it feels like you’re wearing a nightgown … if it feels really loose you feel free. With a tuxedo, it has to fit your arms right and your legs right.”

Still, Quvenzhané isn’t ruling out a dapper tux for big events. “I really think I would [wear a suit on the red carpet], but it depends where I’m wearing it. If it’s really fancy, I’m probably going to wear a dress, but if it’s casual but fancy, I’d wear a suit.”

And she won’t be purchasing a pair of Louboutins anytime soon. “I’m not going to wear [heels] until I’m 15. I’m scared they’re gonna hurt my feet!”

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Armani