Miley Cyrus’ Burglars Brought a Gun!

Publicada Martes Junio 10, 2014 2:03 PM GMT

Adding even more drama to this already-crazy story, the pair that broke into Miley Cyrus' home brought along a stolen handgun just in case things got dicey.

Per a TMZ report, Tylor Scott and Naomi Charles were packing steel as they snatched the “Wrecking Ball” babe’s jewelry before taking off in her Maserati.

And when Tylor and Naomi were pinched by Johnny Law, the arresting officers found the handgun on their person and determined it to be stolen.

Thankfully, all of Miley’s purses, clothes, jewelry and her car have all been recovered and Mr. Scott and Ms. Charles are in the clink.

Photo Credit: Getty Images