Barbara Walters: Clint Eastwood Was the One That Got Away!

Publicada Jueves Junio 12, 2014 4:23 PM GMT

She’s met thousands of famous folks during her long and distinguished journalism career, but Barbara Walters has a special place in her heart for one particular celebrity.

During her interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the “View” mastermind confessed Clint Eastwood as the suitor she let slip through her fingers.

Barbara explained, "This is a sad love story. I did this interview with Clint Eastwood something like 30 years ago. He was very flirtatious, and I was very taken (with him). He asked me if I wanted to have dinner ... and I said, 'No, I have to work.' You know, I don't mix business with pleasure."

However, as time went on, Walters slowly came to a very startling realization- "I could have been Mrs. Clint Eastwood!"

Recently, Barbara ran into Clint at the premiere of his new film “Jersey Boys,” and she made sure to bait the proverbial hook properly. "I thought maybe it's not too late. I'm not kidding. I really did. I put on the right outfit. The false eyelashes — the whole thing."

But alas, it was too little too late. "He was ... polite. He was courteous. What's that expression? He was just not (that) into me."

Photo Credit: NBC