Kaley, Zooey, Edie, Mindy, Emmy & Taylor: Comedy Actress Roundtable Fun!

Publicada Sábado Junio 14, 2014 8:58 AM GMT

They’re the top ladies in their field and Taylor Schilling, Zooey Deschanel, Edie Falco, Mindy Kaling, Emmy Rossum and Kaley Cuoco all sat down together for the Comedy Actor Roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter.

Cuoco, who stars on “The Big Bang Theory” described the oddest thing she’s been asked to do on her show- “My character was in an awful movie called Serial Apist, so I had full monkey makeup head to toe.”

Meanwhile, “Shameless” starlet Rossum chimed in, “My character had to pee on camera for a drug test this past season. I had to pull my pants down and use this squeezy contraption that made it look like I was really doing it. But it wasn't me peeing, just for the record!”

And since Kaling is one of the writers on “The Mindy Project,” she has a say in what her character does- “My character is constantly getting very upset and running into the street to scream at somebody, so there are always cars about to hit me. Even though it's a stunt, you can't fake that a car is almost going to hit you.”

Ms. Schilling also described the overall limit-pushing vibe on “Orange is the New Black”- “There are a lot of clothes off and a lot of knives. Everyone has to do a lot of [unpleasant] stuff.”

Furthermore, noted “Nurse Jackie” star Falco, “For one scene on Nurse Jackie, I was lying on a bed of pills in this little miniature elevator thing, and it dropped like 10 feet quickly to show that I'd been overtaken by these pills. It felt like I was on the Cyclone at Coney Island.”

As for how she knew she wanted to be an actress, “New Girl” Zooey recalled, “When I was 2, I saw The Wizard of Oz, and I was obsessed with it. My dad filmed everything I did, because he's a cinematographer, and we have it on tape, me up at the screen. I learned all the lyrics to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ before I could really form sentences. I told my mom that I was going to jump in the TV. She was like, ‘Oh, really, you are?’ I told her I would. And I did it!”

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter