Jennifer Lopez Shows Off her Most-Famous Asset in "Booty" Teaser: Watch Now!

Publicada Lunes Junio 16, 2014 3:47 PM GMT

Getting fans excited for her new album, Jennifer Lopez released a teaser for her single "Booty" on Monday (June 16).

The newly single singer shakes her famous rump with a bevy of backup dances as she sings her upbeat tune, which is featured on her upcoming album - A.K.A.

Her eighth studio album hits shelves tomorrow (June 17) and also features newly released track “First Love.” During her recent interview with Billboard magazine, she revealed that she found inspiration for the project while touring with Enrique Iglesias.

"After I got home, I realized I was a stronger vocalist than maybe even I gave myself credit for," Lopez said. "I never put myself out there to show the world what I could do in the best way I could. And touring, you gain a lot when you go out there every night and sing when you feel good, or even when your voice is scratchy and you feel a little off. It made me want to get back into the studio without that cage I had put on myself. Once I let that beast loose, I was doing things I didn't know I could do."

Check out the "Booty" teaser below!

Photo Credit: Vevo