Jack Antonoff: Lena Dunham & I Act Like An Old, Married Couple

Publicada Miércoles Junio 18, 2014 1:28 PM GMT

Given their celebrity status, Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff are way more low key when it comes to their down time than onlookers may think.

The guitarist for Fun. stated, "One time we were at a dinner party where everyone was over 60 and, before we knew it, we realized that everyone at the table had gone outside to smoke pot and they didn't invite us. That basically says it all.”

Jack says that he and his “Girls” star girlfriend are not big partiers. In fact, they recently enjoyed a getaway to a spa because they prefer to chill out. "Everyone else was 56, and like, either coming off a divorce or trying to dry out. We were like, 'This is great! We love being here!' "

The couple originally met on a blind date set up by Antonoff’s sis and Mike Birbiglia. The date was going so well, he quickly told Dunham everything about himself "because when you really like someone, you want them to know everything about you."

The rocker added that they aren't ready for marriage, but the idea of being a dad intrigues him. "It's hard to imagine when the right time is, because things are so crazy at the moment. It just seems like the most fun thing in the world. I've never met people who have kids who haven't looked me in the eye and been like, 'It's the greatest thing that's ever happened.'"

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