Matt Lauer Lands Pippa Middleton's First Televised Interview

Publicada Miércoles Junio 25, 2014 10:25 AM GMT

Scoring a major story, Matt Lauer revealed that he conducted Pippa Middleton's first televised interview.

The Duchess of Cambridge's 30-year-old sister agreed to sit down with the “Today” host for the chit chat, which airs in a two-part special on Monday (June 30) and Tuesday (July 1).

According to Matt, Pippa opens up about her 3,000-mile, 12-state bike ride for Bike Across America and what life is like under the royal spotlight.

"I flew overnight to sit down and talk to someone who's gotten an awful lot of attention over the last two or three years, not only here in the U.K., but all around the world," Matt said during the broadcast this morning (June 25).

A live satellite revealed Matt interviewing Pippa, as the host said, "I hate to say it, but I was actually in America all of last week. She was riding in a bike event, and instead of me being able to interview her there, I had to fly 3,000 miles to interview you here. What's up with that?"

Putting the jokes aside, Matt and mom-to-be Savannah Guthrie told Pippa to give them a call next time she is in the states. Pippa laughed saying back, “I was on a bike.”

Photo Credit: Twitter