Shia LaBeouf Slammed By Celebrity Peers on Twitter

Publicada Viernes Junio 27, 2014 10:03 AM GMT

Following his drunken behavior at a performance of “Cabaret” on Broadway last night (June 26), Shia LaBeouf has been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty remarks in the Twitterverse.

“Girls” starlet Lena Dunham tweeted, "I feel you Shia: In 1993 I was carried out of Les Mis screaming because I couldn't handle the intimations of death… Seriously feel awful for the performers and am sorry to contribute to celebrity takedown culture but this is the best current event we have!"

And Billy Eichner joked, "Shia LaBeouf - do what you want to Alan Cumming but if you lay even one finger on the Newsies I will kill you!!!!!" followed by, "Shia LaBeouf was arrested at the Broadway production of Cabaret so I finally feel comfortable telling you I was waterboarded at Kinky Boots,” and, “I guarantee you there were at least 3 middle aged women at tonight's performance of Cabaret talking more during the show than Shia.”

Meanwhile, Ana Gasteyer snarked, "Maybe Cabaret Act 2 was just gonna be too dark for Shia and he was trying to cover. I mean it does get real heavy."

Photo Credit: Getty Images